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Tasha Starr
"The boundaries between life and death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends and where the other begins"?  -Edgar Allen Poe

Welcome to Tasha Starr Paranormal, the official website of psychic medium and paranormal investigator Tasha Starr.

Currently residing in Lexington, Kentucky, Tasha has been actively doing investigations for 4 years and medium readings since childhood.  Helping numerous people with her gift.  She has participated with Ghost Adventures at Bobby Mackey's Music World, a satanic spot in Wilder, Kentucky outside of Cincinnati.  Other places include Amargosa Opera House, Mansfield Reformatory, as well as several locations in and around Kentucky.


Also providing tarot card readings.

Heath Smith

Paranormal investigator/psychic medium that currently resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana
If you are in or around this area and need help, contact me for his information.

My daughter Mackenzie Jade has just recently joined TSP. Only twelve years old, she has been blessed with healing powers as an empath. 

This website is dedicated to sharing paranormal experiences, psychic experiences as well as helping families with hauntings, connect with lost loved ones, and finally finding closure.

Videos available on YouTube www.youtube.com/blondeballinstarr
Follow me on Twitter as well www.twitter.com/neuroticmess
Find me on Facebook www.facebook.com/blondeballinstarr

Psychic medium readings are available.  Email tashastarrparanormal@gmail.com for more information.

Be blessed and stay safe.  Remember the spirits are always among us.


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  Tasha Starr

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