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Do Spirits Follow You Home?

A question often asked of paranormal investigators is, “Can a ghost follow you home.”  The answer to this question is, yes.  A ghost can follow you if it feels some sort of connection to you.  In some cases, ghosts are desperate.  They will latch themselves onto anyone they feel might be able to help them.  One thing.  As an investigator, I would caution others to never ask inviting questions.  Examples:  “How can I help you?” “Do you need help?” “Follow me.”  By doing this you are inviting an otherwise despirate ghost to you, because it now thinks you can help it.  A demonic spirit attaches itself to a specific person, so therefore wherever that person goes, the entity goes as well.  Demonics are one of many spirits capable of following you.  So be warned!  If you don’t like the idea of ghosts following you around, stay away from inviting questions, the occult, or attempting to make some kind of personal connection with a spirit.

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